Monday, December 10, 2007

Apa Itu Law of Attraction?

LOA adalah singkatan bagi perkataan Law of Attraction atau dalam Bahasa Melayunya ialah Hukum Ketertarikan.

Penjelasan mudah bagi LOA ialah: The Science of Attracting More of What You Want and Less of What You Don't (Hukum Sains Yang Menarik Lebih Apa Yang Anda Mahu dan Kurang Apa Yang Anda Tidak Mahu)

That means your thoughts and your emotions are creating your past, present and future.
The Law of Attraction also says that like attracts like.

If you are thinking that you are extremely rich and you believe it with unwavering faith and you actually feel the strong positive feelings that make yourself "GLOW", you will attract that.

It may come to you as it is already there when you wake up such asyou strike a lottery, the price of the property that you boughtlast week jump off the roof because of the government developmentproject or you make a lot of money from the stock market OR It will come to you as an idea, intuition or hunches that will leadyou to ways of making a lot of money.

How it will come to you will greatly depends on how you attract it.Thoughts, emotions and visualization are some of the most powerfulways you can apply to manifest your goals and dreams by using themagnificent power of the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction reacts on your every thoughts and emotion.When you think of something bad such as debt, break up or accident, that's what you are going to get.

So, bear in mind that you have to be very careful of your thoughts.If you are sitting in your office staring at a stack of billsthinking of "debt", that's the thought you are going to send out to the universe and it will respond by giving you more debt.

Instead of thinking or talking about:
"I don't wanna see these bills again!"
"I hate debt!"
"Why I'm always in deb.t?"

Try to change it to:
"I want more money that I can ever spend."
"I want plenty of wealth so that I can go vacation with my loveones."
"I want to earn $10,000 per month from my stock investment."

Here are the common mistakes. The universe will filter out all thenegative thoughts such as not, don't, no and so on.

When you say, "I don't wanna see these bills again!"The universe will receive it as, "I wanna see these bills again!"And it will manifest more bills for you because that's your wish.

When you say, "I hate debt!"The universe will interpret it as, "DEBT!"So, it will give you more debt because you attract it.

When you say, "Why I'm always in debt?"Again, the universe will interpret it as, "I'm always in debt." And guess what. You'll be always in debt.

The lesson and exercises for today: Change your language. Watch your language and beware of what you are saying, thinking and feeling, day in and day out.

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